Nutmeg Magazine

Nutmeg Magazine

Role: Graphic Designer + Magazine Managing Editor

Project Type: Print Magazine

Created At: UConn Nutmeg Publishing

Project Overview

As Magazine Managing Editor for Nutmeg Publishing at UConn I have published a magazine for each fall and spring semester at UConn. We have collaborated with multiple organizations like UCTV (UConn Film Organization) on our Diversity and Inclusion Magazine.

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Diversity & Inclusion Magazine

Why should we have a diversity magazine? Initially, when I first thought about the question I thought the answer was simple: to showcase people from all different backgrounds and to give them a platform to express their initiatives and ideas. However, as I started to discuss this concept with more people, I think I realized that although one diversity and inclusion magazine will not make a dramatic difference, Nutmeg wants to be a platform for BIPOC (Black, Indengenious, and people of color), but we do not want to take over; we simply want to document and report the feelings and current perspectives of BIPOC UConn students to our readers. Keeping this edition genuine was one of my main goals as editor.

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